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Beat the new year blues!
Beat the New Year Blues

Don't be down in the dumps, beat the New Year Blues with Chiquito! We're giving you 25% off to kick back, relax and enjoy some Tex-Mex delights. Simply show this voucher! What are you waiting for?

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Student Discount
Student Discount

We love Students so much we give you a huge 25% off all year round! Click here to learn more, to register or order your card.

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Let the Chiquito angels pick up your bill
Chiquito Angels

Chiquito Angels are beautiful souls. They love to pick up our diners' tabs, so perhaps they'll pick up yours? You can't miss them - lovely wings, and heavenly smiles - and they could drop by your table at any time and bless you by tearing up your bill.

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Armed forces discount
Armed Forces Discount

A big thank you...
We're proud to offer 25% off to the Armed Forces on presentation of a valid Identification Card. This is our way of saying thank you!

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