Chiquitos at Chiquito

flower Who said you can’t have a Burrito for breakfast?

Who said you can’t have a Burrito for breakfast?

Not us. You want a Chimichanga at 9am? You got it. Sausage, bacon, eggs and hash browns, topped with brown sauce and wrapped in a golden fried tortilla sound up your street? Thought so. Why not add an extra side of beans and chuck in a cheeky Mimosa whilst you’re at it.

Keeping little ones happy

We’ve divided our menu into “Small Eaters” & “Big Eaters” to make choosing meals for the entire tribe easy peasy. They can get creative with our “Build Your Own” Mini Fajitas, packed with tasty veggies and topped with cheese, tuck into one of our crispy breaded fish Tortilla wraps, or choose between a variety of delicious toppings on our delicious Quesadilla Pizza. Don’t forget to check out our vegan options for kids too!

Dessert for breakfast?

If you’d rather something a little sweeter, why not Build Your Own Pancakes? Top them with anything you fancy, like strawberries and bacon or hash browns and golden syrup - we won’t judge. Keen to hit those 5-a-day? We also offer some rather tasty juices and smoothies for that extra fresh feeling.

Dessert for breakfast?
moustache Breakfast? Sorted.

Breakfast? Sorted.

It’s the most important meal of the day, so we’ve made sure they’re guaranteed to clear their plates. Our kids breakfast menu includes a Mini Fry Up and Build Your Own Pancakes and every dish is served with their choice of juice or milk - all for just £3.99.

Keep 'em busy

Psst... On the back of each kids menu we’ve included some themed activities to keep them entertained whilst you enjoy your meal. You’re welcome.